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Teeth Whitening with Dr. Robinson

Life is full of big moments and you’ll want to look your best in the pictures taken. Maybe you’re about to walk down the aisle to marry the love of your life? Maybe you’re walking across the stage to get that diploma or degree you’ve been working so hard for? But maybe you’re embarrassed to smile your fullest because your pearly whites aren’t so white anymore? If your teeth need to freshen up to boost your confidence, professional grade teeth whitening is for you!

If you are in the New Philadelphia, OH area and are considering professional teeth whitening, Dr. Caleb A Robinson and his team can help.

How Do Teeth Get Discolored?

You may have dutifully cared for your teeth all your life, brushing and flossing daily as recommended by your dentist, but discoloration of your teeth can still naturally occur over time. This discoloration can be hurried along by external factors such as smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco, drinking of coffee, tea, cola or red wine and using certain prescription medications.

Dentists recommend brushing twice daily and flossing at least once a day to slow this process down which will help your smile stay brighter and healthier longer. However, brushing and flossing alone cannot stop or reverse your teeth losing their brightness.

New Philadelphia dentist Dr. Caleb A. Robinson offers his patients the option of professional grade teeth whitening both in-office or at-home. Both treatments can erase years’ worth of stains from your tooth enamel, restoring a fresher, more youthful appearance for your teeth. Smiling with a fresh, bright smile can boost your sense of confidence, helping you meet whatever challenge you’re facing.  

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Our most immediate method of whitening your teeth is using an in-office procedure. This process takes a little over an hour and can lighten your enamel by up to ten shades in one sitting. Results will vary depending on the severity and source of the stains on the patient’s teeth. Certain stains are more difficult to erase completely. Dr. Robinson discusses expected results with patients during their consultation prior to their treatment.  It is important to note that whitening gels will only be effective on natural teeth. You will need to discuss with your dentist if you are seeking to improve the appearance of implants and veneers.

The in-office teeth whitening treatment usually starts off with our dental assistants setting up a protective barrier for your gums. Next, a layer of maximum strength bleaching gel will be brushed onto your teeth and then activated with the application of a special no-heat lamp. Depending on how stained your teeth are, this process may need to be repeated several times until your teeth reach your desired shade.

At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit

Our most convenient method for whitening your teeth is an at-home whitening kit. This method involves Dr. Robinson creating custom-fitted bleaching trays in the office and sending patients home with a maximum strength bleaching gel to fill the trays. Take-home kits include stronger bleaching agents that provide better results compared to over-the-counter options such as the whitening strips and whitening toothpastes that are sold at your local drugstore.

At home, patients will fill their custom-fitted trays with bleaching gel and fit them over their teeth for the prescribed amount of time daily, often overnight while they sleep. The bleaching gel, which also contains fluoride, will remove stains while also strengthening your enamel. After using as prescribed for about a week, teeth will be dramatically brighter.

All our teeth whitening products are formulated to be as strong as possible while still minimizing sensitivity and Dr. Robinson carefully supervises teeth whitening treatments for comfort and effectiveness.

Teeth Whitening in New Philadelphia, OH

To discuss which teeth whitening treatment will work best for your dental hygiene goals, schedule an appointment with Dr. Robinson in New Philadelphia, OH by calling (330) 269-5805 or request an appointment online.