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Dental Crowns An Overview

dental crowns new philadelphia ohDental crowns are a versatile dental restoration. Used to repair damaged teeth, protect teeth treated with a root canal, or disguise cosmetic blemishes – dental crowns are a high-quality solution to a range of dental concerns. Dental crowns are customizable and designed to create a beautiful result.


  • Repair damaged, chipped or cracked teeth
  • Mask discolored teeth
  • Correct misshapen teeth
  • Protect teeth treated with root canals
  • Serve as anchor teeth for a dental bridge
  • Replace missing teeth in combination with a dental implant

Dental crowns are highly durable and designed to fit over the entire tooth. Made from high quality ceramic materials, dental crowns look and feel like natural teeth. They are colored and shaped to blend seamlessly with your existing teeth.

Once bonded in place, a dental crown can be cared for just as you care for your natural teeth. Dental crowns are considered a permanent dental restoration. Brushing, flossing and routine visits to the dentist will help keep your dental crown restoration in top shape for years to come.

Implant-Supported Crown for Single Tooth Replacement

Even one missing tooth compromises the health and structure of your entire smile. A single missing tooth should be replaced promptly to avoid development of secondary dental concerns. One missing tooth could cause teeth to shift, bone to deteriorate, and gum disease to develop.

Because a dental crown combined with a dental implant closely mirrors a natural tooth in both appearance and function, it typically provides the best replacement available for one missing tooth. The dental implant is surgically implanted into the jaw and left to heal. It then fuses with the jaw bone creating a stable foundation and anchor for the dental crown.

Dr. Robinson designs custom dental crowns and provides full-service implant treatment. Our dedicated and compassionate dental care team can help patients replace their missing teeth, restoring their confidence and oral health.

Dental Crowns What to Expect

Dental crowns can typically be completed in a few visits to our dental office. On your first visit, Dr. Robinson will determine if a dental crown is an appropriate procedure for restoring your smile. Depending on the reason you need a dental crown, treatment may vary and include several phases. Dr. Robinson and our dental care team will take the time to outline your personalized treatment plan and answer any questions you may have.

Cosmetic Dental Crowns

A dental crown placed for cosmetic restoration or to repair minor chips or cracks will begin with Dr. Robinson preparing the tooth. Tooth enamel is removed from the tooth to create space for the crown. Molds are then taken of the prepared tooth and used to create a custom dental crown. Patients will be fitted with a temporary crown while their final restoration is being hand fabricated by a laboratory technician.

Patients will return to our office to have their final dental crown fitted and adjusted. Once the appearance is approved by Dr. Robinson and the patient, the dental crown is permanently bonded to the prepared tooth.

Dental Crowns for Root Canals

A dental crown is almost always used to reinforce a tooth after a root canal procedure, protecting it from splitting and further breakdown. After the root canal is complete, a dental crown is made for the tooth following the same procedures outlined above for cosmetic dental crowns.

Dental Implant-Supported Crowns

Replacing a missing tooth with a dental crown will first require the surgical placement of a dental implant. The implant is inserted into the empty root socket and left to heal. Three to six months later a dental crown is attached to the implant using an abutment. The dental crown and implant are a permanent solution to replacing a single missing tooth.

Dr. Caleb A. Robinson DDS

Why choose Dr. Caleb Robinson DDS?

Dr. Caleb Robinson sets himself apart from other dentists with a comprehensive approach to your oral health needs that takes your overall health and wellness into consideration. From patient education to personalized care for your dental needs, our team is dedicated to the health and stability of your smile.

Dr. Robinson is a Dawson trained dentist, practicing Complete Dentistry for the best possible patient experience and a lasting outcome. We are a family-friendly dental office and also offer treatment for sleep-disordered breathing in children and adults.