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Oral Hygiene with Dental Implants

Maintaining good oral hygiene is the key to a healthy, beautiful smile. This proves true when you receive fixtures in your smile like dental implants. These prosthetic teeth offer highly beneficial and comprehensive restoration for your smile in the wake…


Is It Time for a New Toothbrush?

Oral hygiene refers to the crucial practice of keeping your smile clean in order to ensure it stays healthy. Your mouth naturally contains bacteria that can generate a film of plaque that will eat away at your dental structure unless…


Why Do I Need a Tooth Pulled?

Ideally, you want to preserve as much of your natural smile as possible. But in some instances, a dentist will recommend pulling a tooth in order to protect the rest of your smile and maintain your good oral health. This…


Fix Aesthetic Damage After Gum Disease

Gum disease is an infection affecting the gum tissue that about half of adult patients contract in their lifetimes. Though common, this infection can wreak serious havoc on your smile. You will need periodontal therapy from your dentist to eradicate…


Prepare for Your Dental Check-Up

Is it time for your regular dental check-up? Whether you intend to see your usual dentist or visit a new dental practice, you can benefit from taking steps to prepare for your appointment. When you understand what you need and…


Floss Daily for Healthy Gums

Oral hygiene refers to the routine practice of cleaning your mouth using your toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. Brushing your teeth and flossing keeps your smile looking and feeling its best, but flossing in particular will help your gums as well.…


Sleep Apnea and Dentistry

Obstructive sleep apnea refers to a disorder in which the soft tissue at the back of the throat collapses and blocks the airway periodically as you sleep. Since it occurs during sleep, many people do not realize they have this…


Acid Reflux and Your Dental Health

Acid reflux refers to a condition in which the acidic contents of the stomach move up and into the esophagus. Commonly known as heartburn, and often recognizable by the burning sensation it causes in the chest, many people may suffer…


What Are Tonsil Stones?

Have you noticed soreness in your throat, difficulty swallowing, or chronic bad breath? These symptoms could mean you have a tonsil stone, a calcified formation in the nodes at the back of your mouth and throat. Though annoying, a tonsil…


Compare Types of Dentures

Tooth loss affects millions of people around the world. When you lose several teeth, you can see serious impediments to your oral functions and the appearance of your smile. Your dentist can help you restore your smile with tooth replacements…