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The Importance of Pediatric Dentistry

Our oral health is something we should keep up with our entires lives. But it’s especially crucial to ensure that this starts from childhood. Dr. Caleb A. Robinson, a dentist in New Philadelphia, OH, highlights the importance of pediatric dentistry.pediatric dentist in new philadelphia, ohio

Starting Good Habits Early

Good oral health habits start at an early age. Children should start being brought to the dentist after their first teeth have erupted. With pediatric dentistry, we keep both the patient and the parents informed of the best oral care practices for kids. We teach proper brushing and flossing techniques that work for smaller mouths.

Going to the dentist early can also help prevent dental fear in the future. When it’s a regular routine for them, it’ll continue to be so in the future. You can sit with your child for reassurance while they’re getting their procedure done. They can sit with you while you get yours done so they can see that it’s okay. We want them to have a good relationship with the dentist early on.

Age-Specific Treatment

Children are more likely to have certain issues with their teeth than others. Tooth decay is one of those issues. As time has gone on, diets have become more sugary. Diet is the first thing to help address tooth decay. Make sure they’re getting a varied diet that contains many fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as water instead of constant sugary juices.

Dental sealants offer another step against tooth decay. Especially for children, it can be hard to make sure that molars are brushed properly. The way certain molars develop can also make them more difficult to clean. Sealants are painted onto the molars to offer an extra layer against tooth decay. They’re able to block bacteria from forming in these areas.

In addition, nine out of ten children have a problem with sleep-disordered breathing. Sleep-disordered breathing can interrupt sleep and prevents a continuous flow of oxygen from reaching the brain. As a child is growing and developing, it’s extremely important that the brain is getting the oxygen it needs.

Sleep-disordered breathing can be caused by crooked teeth, an obstructed airway, or an underdeveloped jaw. At our office, we offer the Healthy Start orthodontic appliance to help take care of these issues. They work with the development and facial growth of the child, making sure the airway is free while sleeping, and realign the crooked teeth or bite.

Catching Problems Early

The mouths of children are growing and developing rapidly. When the dentist is seen every six months, it makes it easier for us to catch issues early. Whether it’s the need for orthodontic treatment or catching early tooth decay, when the problem is caught early, it’s easier for us to make sure it’s treated properly.

Pediatric Care at Your New Philadelphia, Ohio Dentist

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