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Are My Headaches Caused by Dental Problems?

Chronic headaches can be debilitating and negatively impact aspects of your personal and professional life if they persist. Many factors may contribute to these headaches, but some dental problems may also result in this painful symptom.

If you schedule a consultation with your dentist, they can determine if you have a dental condition that is causing this pain. Dr. Caleb Robinson, a dentist located in New Philadelphia, OH, describes how certain dental issues may lead to chronic headaches.

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Which Dental Issues Can Cause Headaches?

Though headaches can occur for a variety of reasons, including underlying medical conditions, your dental health may also cause chronic pain in your head. Individuals who grind or clench their teeth, a behavior called bruxism, may experience frequent headaches.

The increased pressure on the teeth and jaw with this habit can spread throughout the head and cause headaches, among other symptoms such as jaw pain, earaches, and decreased function in the jaw. This condition will worsen if bruxism continues and may develop into temporomandibular joint disorders, also known as TMJ.

Misalignment in the teeth or jaw may also lead to abnormally high amounts of pressure in this area, which can contribute to headache development. When you visit your dentist, they will evaluate the structure of your smile and bite to determine if this could be causing your headaches.

How Will My Dentist Treat Chronic Headaches?

If you suffer from chronic headaches and your dentist determines that the pain comes from dental concerns, they will alleviate the headaches by treating the root cause. For instance, if the pressure and pain occur due to malocclusion, crooked teeth, or jaw misalignment, your dentist will likely recommend orthodontics or Invisalign to straighten your smile and relieve the pressure that contributes to the pain.

Dentists can also help you reduce teeth grinding and clenching which can get rid of headaches caused by TMJ. They may recommend that you wear a custom-made mouthguard overnight to protect your teeth and jaw from the pressure that may occur due to unconscious grinding during your sleep.

Treat Headaches and Dental Problems in New Philadelphia, OH

Dr. Robinson is a highly qualified dentist who treats headaches associated with dental problems in patients in New Philadelphia, OH. Our practice specializes in cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry for patients of all ages. To schedule a consultation with us, contact our staff online or reach us by phone at 330.969.6343.