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How to Care for Your Dentures

Tooth loss can significantly impact your quality of life. But you can affordably replace missing teeth and improve your oral function with removable dentures from your dentist. These custom-made oral appliances can replace several or an entire arch of missing teeth, depending on your unique needs.

These devices require specialized care in order to continue functioning with your smile as they should. Read on to learn three steps you can take to maintain your dentures and get the most out of your oral appliance.

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Aftercare Tips for Removable Dentures

Practice Good Oral Hygiene

From a young age, you learn that to take care of your smile, you need to brush your teeth twice each day and floss on a daily basis. When you restore your smile with removable dentures, you should continue this diligent oral hygiene regimen.

Your mouth develops a film of plaque naturally throughout the day, so you need to remove it by brushing and flossing. Otherwise, the plaque will eat away at your remaining teeth, leaving them vulnerable to decay and other dental concerns.

If these teeth sustain structural concerns, they may shift out of place, affecting the fit of your dentures. If your dentures no longer stay in your mouth properly, you cannot experience their restorative dental benefits. Keep your mouth clean and healthy through oral hygiene practices to avoid this issue.

Complete Separate Cleaning for Dentures

Your dentures might not be susceptible to decay or staining like your natural teeth. But they will still accumulate plaque which can then spread to the rest of your smile. This poses a danger to your oral health and your dental work.

Therefore, you need to clean your dentures on a regular basis too separately from your normal oral hygiene routine. Once or twice a day, you should carefully brush your dentures. You can do this when you brush your teeth if you prefer.

Use a soft-bristled brush to avoid scratching your prosthetic teeth. For similar reasons, you should also choose a specialized dental cleanser or non-abrasive toothpaste to clean the dentures.

Rinse your dentures before placing them back in your mouth. You should avoid hot water as the high temperatures can melt the dentures so that they no longer fit properly.

Soak Dentures When Not Worn

You will not need to wear your dentures at every moment. Patients usually take out their dentures as they sleep. But when not in use, your dentures will still require a degree of care.

Make sure you soak your dentures in water or a cleaning solution when you do not wear them. Dentures may dry out if left in the open air which can warp the appliance so that it will not fit well in your mouth anymore.

Call your dentist if your dentures become ill-fitting. They can replace these fixtures for you. But if you follow your dentist’s aftercare guidelines, these appliances should fit your smile for five years.