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Compare Types of Dentures

Tooth loss affects millions of people around the world. When you lose several teeth, you can see serious impediments to your oral functions and the appearance of your smile. Your dentist can help you restore your smile with tooth replacements like dentures.

Because tooth loss affects everyone differently, your dentist will employ an individualized approach to ensure you find a treatment that suits your specific dental needs. They can provide you with several options when it comes to dentures. Read on to learn about three types of dentures your dentist can offer you to replace missing teeth.

dentures tooth replacement treatment options

Which Dentures Will Best Restore My Smile?

Partial Removable Dentures

Tooth loss does not always happen neatly or evenly. You might have several missing teeth in different spots within your smile. Your dentist could provide you with one appliance to replace all these lost teeth in one arch using partial removable dentures.

They will build a custom appliance that will include prosthetic teeth attached to an acrylic base that fits your unique smile. They use a metal framework and stay in the mouth with a combination of natural suction to the gums and support from your remaining teeth.

You have the freedom to remove these dentures when you do not need them, such as while you sleep. Many people appreciate the comfort of taking out their devices, but these removable appliances will require extra maintenance. With proper care, these dentures will endure for about five years before needing replacements.

Full Removable Dentures

If you need to replace an entire arch of missing teeth, your dentist can provide you with a full set of removable dentures. This type of denture relies on natural suction to stay in place in the mouth in the absence of support from remaining teeth. Many people will also use an adhesive paste to secure their dentures in the mouth.

As with partial removable dentures, you can take these devices out of your mouth at your will. But you will need to clean them regularly in order to maximize restorative benefits and keep your smile healthy. Follow aftercare advice from your dentist to get the most out of your dentures.

Implant-Secured Dentures

Dentists often recommend implant-secured dentures for patients seeking comprehensive tooth replacement treatment. These devices feature surgically-placed anchors in the jaw that fuse with the bone there to create a strong, solid foundation that ultimately supports prosthetic teeth. You can replace one, several, or an entire arch of missing teeth with dental implants.

This type of denture is fixed, meaning you cannot remove the appliance yourself. But many people like that they do not have to worry about their device slipping out of place accidentally. Because of the nature of this device, dentists consider it a permanent restorative dental solution. The implant will last for twenty years or longer.

You also do not have to worry about extra maintenance with implants. You still need to keep your smile and dental work clean, but you do not have to complete a separate cleaning regimen. Learn if you qualify for this treatment by scheduling a dental consultation.