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What Problems Can be Fixed by Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns can fix a variety of issues you have with your teeth. As a key provider of dental crowns in New Philadelphia, OH, Dr. Caleb A. Robinson uses them frequently. Can you pick out which issues are solvable with a dental crown?

dental crowns in new philadelphia, ohio

Which of These Can be Fixed with a Dental Crown? Take our Quiz.

  1. True or False: A dental crown can fix a chipped or broken tooth.
  2. True or False: A dental crown can protect a tooth after a root canal.
  3. True or False: A dental crown can mask a discolored or misshapen tooth.
  4. True or False: A dental crown can serve as an anchor for a dental bridge.
  5. True or False: A dental crown can replace a missing tooth in combination with a dental implant.

Answer Key

  1. True. While a chipped tooth may be small enough to use dental bonding, a crown works well for the more serious cases. You can return to full functionality in your tooth and don’t have to worry about pain when you chew.
  2. True. Getting a dental crown is often standard after you get a root canal. The procedure involves cleaning out the dental pulp and material inside the tooth. This can make the tooth unstable. Even when the tooth is filled after the procedure, a dental crown is used as an extra caution for stability and usability.
  3. True. Dental crowns are a solution for teeth that don’t look their best. Since the crown fully goes over the top of the tooth, it can cover any discoloration that exists. It can also mask a misshapen tooth and make it look like a normal one.
  4. True. One of the downsides of dental bridges is the strain one can put on the teeth anchoring it. Dental crowns can be put over your normal teeth so that they can take the brunt of it instead. This can lessen your chances of tooth wear and decay.
  5. True. A dental crown is often used at the final piece in a tooth restoration done with implants. The crown is attached to the dental implant post that’s in the jawbone.

What Dental Crowns Offer

In addition to being used for all of these procedures, dental crowns have even more benefits. They’re highly durable, made out of top-tier dental ceramic. This material is made to look and feel like your natural teeth. Dr. Robinson can color match them so that they blend in with the rest of your smile.

Dental crowns are also considered a permanent restoration. They’re bonded to your original tooth and can stay there as long as you take care of them. Crowns don’t require any special treatment, just that you brush and floss regularly, as with your normal teeth. They’re also customized for your particular tooth so that they fit perfectly

New Philadelphia, Ohio Dental Crowns

Do you think a crown can fix the issue with your tooth? Call us today or schedule an appointment online! Dr. Robinson can determine if a dental crown is the right choice for you.