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Benefits of Routine Dental X-Rays

When you attend a routine dental check-up, your dentist performs a visual exam of your smile. They check your teeth and gums for signs of any problems and they can offer swift treatment based on what they see. So why…


Testimonials from New Philadelphia Dental Patients

Are you looking for an expert dental practice that will provide high-quality care for patients of all ages? Do you want to see a dentist that will give you the best preventative oral health care during routine visits? Along with…


Comparing Dental Sedation and Anesthesia

About a quarter of all dental patients, young and old, feel nervous about going to the dentist. This feeling often stems from the anticipation of pain. But modern dentists prioritize positive patient experiences, so you can feel confident that your…


Are Dental Fillings Permanent?

A majority of people will form at least one cavity in their lifetimes. This means you are likely familiar with treating this early stage of tooth decay with a dental filling. The dentist drills away the decayed part of the…


Differences Between Crowns and Veneers

If you have concerns about the health or appearance of your teeth, you know you should consult with your dentist. They will evaluate your smile and develop an individualized treatment plan that will suit your unique needs and goals. Restorative…


How to Care for Your Dentures

Tooth loss can significantly impact your quality of life. But you can affordably replace missing teeth and improve your oral function with removable dentures from your dentist. These custom-made oral appliances can replace several or an entire arch of missing…


Addressing Calcium Loss in Teeth

Have you noticed white spots forming on the surface of your teeth? You may find that brushing your teeth will not make this discoloration go away. This is because a dental problem related to calcium depletion in the tooth enamel…


Do I Need a Tooth Vitality Test?

Have you noticed that one tooth appears duller in color than the surrounding teeth? Your dentist might think that the tooth has non-vital pulp, a condition that some people refer to as a dead tooth. While a dead tooth sounds…


Improve Gum Health with These Foods

You know that good oral health means keeping your teeth clean and healthy. Your gums play a major role in the appearance, function, and structure of your smile as well. Proper oral hygiene habits will prevent dental damage to both…


How Dentists Use Composite Resin

Composite resin is a cement-like substance that dentists will use during cosmetic and restorative dental treatments. The material is versatile, malleable, and adheres well to teeth, hence its frequent and growing usage in dentistry services today. Treatment with this material…